We are Norman and Miranda…  a Gen X husband and wife trying our best to raise two independent and well-balanced cherubs.  We live in suburban Australia, with a dog, two cars, a camper trailer and one busy lifestyle!  After blogging from 2005 about the ‘perfect’ side of  life, friends recommended that I (Miranda) start a blog filled with the types of rants that I email to them late at night and via sms.  The crazy, imperfect, sometimes gross and hideously embarassing side of life!!

Norman – The quintessential aussie man of the house, Norman is an NDT technician (google it!) and works generally around 50 hours a week to support his family and earn his spot in front of the tv each Saturday night, where he can clap and yahoo for his favourite NRL team – The Brisbane Broncos.  Norman loves cricket and footy, doesn’t mind getting out in the backyard to swing the kids around upside down and is meticulous with his lawn care…  His wife has nicknamed him ‘the grumpy old man’ but he’s an easy going fella and very supportive of his family.

Miranda – Always loud, and always the centre of attention, Miranda is obsessive compulsive in a life that screams mess! disorder! and clutter!  She is a loving mum, a staunch supporter of ‘The naughty corner’ and fills up every space of her life with things to do, whilst complaining that she never has time to do anything.  She is a seasoned pro at selling ‘preloved’ clothing and assorted items, and has a busy online store doing just that.  She also studies full time at University as a Student Midwife and tries to cook unburnt food for the family as a stress-release.  Miranda would love a whole tribe of kids, but faces opposition when discussing the issue with Norman – who has reached his stress threshold with two!  With a hot temper, and a superhuman ability to block out noise, she sometimes lacks in the ‘World’s best mum’ department, but she is supportive, adaptive and creative – and she loves her family to the moon and back.

The (+2) – Leah and William – Born in 2003 and 2008 respectively, the cherubs keep mum and dad guessing with their antics, whilst providing never-ending fodder for mum’s late night rants when dad’s trying to sleep.  Leah is mature beyond her years, thoughtful and ever the lady, yet can deliver backchat like a champ if provoked.  She is a dreamer, and easily distracted, but creative and passionate about her favourite things in life.  William was practically born with the nickname ‘Mr Particular’ and likes routines, order and predictability in his little life.  He takes delight in embarassing the family with his temper when out and about, and ensures the neighbours know he is home with his high-pitched screaming.  But is loving, confident, and learns quickly.


4 Comments on “About”

  1. Looking forward to reading all about the chaos that is family life.

  2. Janet Wells says:

    luv it, waiting for some more

  3. LMFAO….sitting here reading this with a HUGE smile on my face =D Thank f%$k I’m not the only one….absolutely ❤ it! xo

  4. we want more! 🙂

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