My 2006 Stink-mobile

I’m going to admit it – it’s pretty embarassing, so brace yourself.  My car stinks.  Its also really disgustingly filthy.  Actually I think if I had to choose a part of my car to eat off, it would be a part on the outside.

Norman has a company car, he prides himself on its cleanliness and the fact that its ‘always washed’, smells fresh and has his $1.00 coins filed in correct date order in the change slots.  He also doesn’t have to carry the children in his car.

I love my car.  I once went to Sydney and hired a Mitsubishi 380, loved the ride, the size and the power.  Once we discovered we were pregnant with Little Will, we bought another 380 all of our own.  We’ve sunk alot of money into it to make it ours.  Tinting, reverse sensors and tow ball amongst other things – you would think that I could keep it neat and nice, but life is busy, and we’ve got food to spill and mould to grow!

Right from the very beginning, Little Will was a ‘chucker’.  He had colic from 0-3mths, then reflux from 3-10months.  His record-breaking spews could reach 2 metres in distance, and easily splashed the window, the head rest of the seat in front of him and his sister in the other seat…..

Then as they got older, came the Happy Meals.  Those people who tell you that Happy Meals never biodegrade have never seen my car.  My kids can hide nuggets and burgers in nooks and crannies that I didn’t know existed, at least not until the stink punches me in the face as I open the door on a 40 degree Summer day.

I have lost count of how many drinks Little Will has dropped accidentally in the back, 90% of these I have not discovered until later, after they have soaked through the street directory, sticking all the pages together, or been absorbed by my only good cardigan, that the kids have dropped on the floor after pinching from me as a makeshift blanket one night on the drive home.

One incident that sticks out in my mind was when Little Will found a small pot of lip gloss in Leah’s door storage compartment, and proceeded to paint the window and the entire door trim with it.  At least the car smelt like strawberries rather than wet guinea pigs that day.

Norman gets into the car when we go out as a family and instantly complains about the smell of the airconditioning.  I guess its a bit like the smell of the water in the bottom of a vase of flowers after a few days 😉  I really should get that looked at…

I tell myself everytime I clean the car out that its not going to happen again.  No more shoes, no more gunk in the cup holders, no more dried boogers lined up on Little Will’s car seat.  But it always happens again – it starts with me being in an incredible rush for somewhere really important.  The kids haven’t had time to eat, so I take some drinks and some muesli bars with us for them to eat.  I tell them not to make a mess “We won’t mum!” they say and get out at the other end accidentally standing on their discarded poppers and spraying the remaining fruit juice over the back seat.

I have decided that I am going to make a conscious effort to take a handful of items with me each time I leave the car this week, until its all clear.  Then when I have to take it for a service next week I won’t have to apologise about its state.  Hopefully they give me a complimentary wash and vac.  Aah.  A fresh canvas!


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